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THE KIND RELIEF is closed. Thank you for 6+ great years!

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KRX seating newAt The Kind Relief medical marijuana dispensary we feel it is important that your experience is as comfortable and is handled with a level of professionalism that exceeds anyone’s expectations. We take it personal when a patient has had a bad experience in their search for their MMJ needs. We feel that this industry needs to have a new standard of professionalism and expertise infused into it, as well as raising the bar in patient care.

We have made it our mission to set a new standard in this industry, not just in AZ but in the country all together. The stigma that has been placed on this industry must be changed and we feel that through sheer determination and dedication to patient care we will be the light that those coming behind us will follow. The design of our dispensary itself is a great show case for this. The whole KRx team have worked tirelessly to create and maintain the highest standards that ensure every patient is treated with respect and care and walks out of our dispensary with a smile on their face, not just because they obtained the highest quality product currently available in the state but because their experience was an exceptional one!

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