420 Smoked Out BBQ & Music Fest April 16 2016

420 Smoked Out BBQ & Music Fest

April 16 2016 

Come One, Come All, Join In the Fun!

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The Kind Relief Inc. is hosting its 4th annual 420 "smoked Out" BBQ & Music Fest. A celebration of food and music that is centered around the unofficial/official cannabis holiday of 4/20.

***Public consumption of cannabis will NOT be allowed per the Arizona Medical Marijuana act. We intend this to be a celebration and rally to end the failed prohibition of cannabis. Thank you for your understanding***

Join us for great food prepared by our One and Only Smoking Joe! And Check out our Lineup of tunes covering all bases of genres ranging from Reggae, R&B, Rock and Smooth Jam Band styles.

Flagship of Fools
Wes Williams Band
Summit Dub Squad
Honey & Writtyn
Gregory Eagle and 550 Highway


History of Cannabis Part 2

Did you know that cannabis seed juice was used for earache and to drive worms and insects from out of the ears? We have found reference to this fact since the beginning of the Christian era through the 18th Century.


During this period cannabis was very intense in India and had spread through the Middle East and Africa. Arabian well known physicians mention cannabis, as Avicena, and around 1000 AD Muslims mention the use of cannabis as a diuretic, digestive, anti-flatulent, ‘to clean the brain’ and to soothe pain in the ears.  In 1464, Ibn al-Badri reported the use of the plants resin on the caliph’s chamberlain’s son to treat epilepsy cured him completely but left him an addict who could not be without cannabis.


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